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Calcium Propionate

TIME:2020-01-07 05:28:51
  • Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate
Molecular formulaC6H10CaO4•nH2O (n=0-1)
Molecular weight186.22
DescriptionWhite crystalline granule or crystalline powder. Odorless or with a slight acid odor. As a food additive usually used a water and salt. To heat and light stability, hygroscopicity. Soluble in water (40%), not soluble in alcohol, ether, 10% aqueous solution pH value of 8-10.
Formed under acidic conditions in the free acid, with antibacterial effect than sorbic acid weaker than the strong acid, while the yeast does not work. However, in bread making, the yeast activity of alkaline sodium slightly downward.
UsesPreservatives, antifungal agents.
1. GB2760-2014(g/kg):Bread, vinegar, soy sauce, soy foods, pastries and 2.5; Health and surface wet products (refer to section, wonton skin) to 0.25 (in acid dollars).
      2. FAO/WHO:Processed cheese 3000mg/kg (alone or with acid, sorbic acid and its salts kg dosage).
      3. Japan (in acid dollars):2.5g/kg (This product 3.15g). Is mainly used for bread and West Point, can prevent Aspergillus niger, Bacillus producing aerobic bacteria growth. 1.0g calcium salt (in water and salt) is equivalent to propionic acid 0.790g.
      The general use of calcium salt in bread, West Point, the use of sodium. Caused by the use of alkaline sodium salt dough fermentation will be slow, but there is the use of calcium to strengthen the role of calcium. As at West Point, the use of calcium, then sodium bicarbonate reaction with the leavening agent forming insoluble calcium carbonate, to reduce the amount of CO2 generation, it is mainly the use of sodium.
PackagingProduct packaging for the paper-plastic bags, polythene food bag inside the packaging, net weight 25 kg / bag; 10 kg / box.
Quality Standard

FormWhite crystalWhite crystal
Assay,%             ≥98.099.0
Insoluble substances,%   ≤0.3 0.3
Free acid and basicity——Passes test
Water,%                ≤4.0 9.5
pH of a 20% solution7.5-10.5——
Fluoride (as F),mg/kg   ≤30 30
Heavy metals (as Pb),mg/kg≤——10
Arsenic (as As),mg/kg   ≤——3
Lea,mg/kg              ≤5——
Iron,mg/kg             ≤5050


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