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L-Calcium Lactate

TIME:2020-01-07 05:29:31
  • L-Calcium Lactate

L-Calcium Lactate
Molecular formulaC6H10CaO6•nH2O (n=0-5)
Molecular weight218.22
DescriptionWhite to milk white crystalline powder or granules. Almost no smell. Slightly weathered nature. With a maximum of five crystal water. Becomes anhydrous at 120 ℃. Soluble in water, soluble in hot water, aqueous solution pH value of 6.0-7.0, almost insoluble in ethanol. Solubility in water is superior to other calcium, 5.4% calcium lactate, calcium gluconate 3.9%, 0.096% calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, 0.0015%.
UsesBuffer; dough-conditioning agent; yeast starter; nutritional supplements; curing agent; anti-oxidant synergist; fruit and vegetable color protection agent; flavoring agent; flavor enhancer.
       1. GB2760-2014(g / kg: L-Calcium lactate and DL-Calcium lactate limit the same): eggs, gluten 3-5; egg white 1.5-2.5; chicken, egg powder 2.25-3.75; jelly 3-6; soft drinks, 1.2-10.4; chewing gum according to GMP; fried potato chips, condiments 10; fried potato chips 1.0.
2. FAO/WHO:Jams and jellies, orange peel jelly, so that pH value is maintained at 2.8-3.5,200 mg / kg (in Ca dollars); tomatoes, canned, 800mg/kg (D-shaped or block), 450mg/kg (in Ca dollars); grapes grapefruit, green beans, strawberries, canned fruit salad, etc., 350mg/kg (in Ca dollars); pickled cucumber 250mg/kg; cold drinks, edible casein salts, according to GMP.
       3.As a calcium fortifier can be used for bread, wheat flour, modulation milk, tofu, fermented tofu, pickles, and other confection products. Calcium absorption rate is the best person.
       4.Used for bread, pastry (0.25% volume) of buffer, leavening agent.
PackagingProduct packaging for the paper-plastic bags, polythene food bag inside the packaging, net weight 25 kg / bag.
Quality Standard

ParameterFCCVGB 6226-2005
Loss on drying,%22.0-27.022.0-27.0
Aqueous solubility——Qualified
Free acid and basicity——Qualified
AcidityPasses test——
Volatility fat acids——Qualified
Lead (as Pb)             ≤2mg/kg0.001%
Heavy metals (as Pb),%   ≤——0.002
Arsenic (as As),%        ≤——0.0002
Iron (as Fe) ,%          ≤——0.005
Fluoride (as F),%        ≤0.00150.0015
Sulphate (as SO4),%      ≤——0.075
Chloride (as Cl),%       ≤——0.05
Magnesium and alkali salts,%  ≤11
Calcium lactate (trihydrate) heating the mass fraction of reduction of 15.0% - 20.0%, calcium lactate (monohydrate) Loss on drying 5.0% mass fraction of -8.0%, calcium lactate (drying type) heating reductions mass fraction of ≤ 3.0%


+86 19963863487