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Disodium Succinate

TIME:2020-01-07 05:29:53
  • Disodium Succinate

Disodium Succinate
Crystals Molecular formulaC4H4Na2O4•6H2O
Molecular weight270.15
Anhydrous Molecular formulaC4H4Na2O4                     
Molecular weight162.06
DescriptionCrystallization is white crystal granule: Anhydrous compound is crystal powder. It has especial seashell taste; taste threshold value is 0.03%. Easily dissolve in water. Not dissolve in ethanol; stably exist in air.
UsesFlavoring agent; sour agent; buffer. Is mainly used for ham, sausage, seafood, seasoning and so on. General dosage is 0.01% -0.05%. As a condiment to use, general use of anhydrous powdered material, in order to speed up the dissolution.
For instant noodles, instant food seasoning compound, with additional fresh and special flavor, amount of about 0.5%. This product is usually associated with glutamic acid combination, the dosage is about 10% of glutamic acid.
1. FEMA(mg/kg):non-alcoholic beverages, bakery products, meat products, broth, milk and dairy products, cereal products, were 60mg/kg.
2. GB2760-2014:Seasonings, 20.0g/kg.
 Packaging: Product packaging for the paper-plastic bags, polythene food bag inside the packaging, net weight 25 kg / bag.
Quality Standard

ParameteJapanese standards,1999GB 29939-2013   
OdourInherent odorInherent odor
FormWhite crystalWhite crystal
Assay,%             ≥98-10198.0
pH of a 5% solution7.0-9.07.0-9.0
Loss on drying (Crystals),%37.0-41.037.0-41.0
Sulphate (as SO4),%    ≤0.019Passes test.
Heavy metals (as Pb),mg/kg ≤2020
Arsenic (as As),mg/kg     ≤33
Easy oxideNormalPasses test.


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